The New Iraq and US Policy

What does the “New Iraq” look like?  And, based on public opinion, what should the United States policy priority be towards Iraq?

With the formation of a new Iraqi government following almost a year of political deadlock, many questions exist what will come next.  Also, importantly, how does the new Iraq and U.S. policy coexist? Mohammed Shummary gives his thoughts on the current state of Iraq. He further gives opinions on how the US should be involved.

The Hollings Center recorded this video at its dialogue conference Perceptions of U.S. Foreign Policy in a Changing Middle East.  The dialogue looked at how perceptions of the region have changed as the United States has shifted its role in the region.

Mohammed Shummary is the founder and CEO of Sumer Foundation for International Affairs (Sumeria Foundation).  He also serves as assistant professor at Al-Nahrain University’s College of Political Science.  Shummary held numerous positions with the government of Iraq, including with the Iraqi Ministry for Human Rights and the Prime Minister’s Office.  He has served in various leadership positions in Iraqi politics.  Shummary has participated in many international programs including the State Department’s IVLP program and Georgetown University’s Leadership Seminar.  Shummary received his BA, MA and PhD from Al-Nahrain University.


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